About Mike's Eyeflies


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"Mike's Eyeflies, made by a fisherman for fishermen and women!"

Totally unique construction to save space, simplify storage, and reduce costs.

Experienced fishermen will recognize them as new full flies with that experienced "thin feel" of flies that have already caught fish!

Top quality materials are used to provide maximum durability.

Proven patterns that catch fish!

"Not just an average fly!"

Multiple patterns and colors to suit all fishing conditions, depths, time of day or night, and personal preferences. See the TIPS Page to best match the colors to depths you expect to be fishing.

Many patterns are made using 'Bandaboo', a new highly reflective hair-like mylar material. Complimenting silicone skirts are then added for more lifelike action in the water.

All patterns feature 3D eyes on UV heads and are tied on large tubes to allow for interchangeability of hook sets, simplifying storage, and to save you money.

Only Matzuo Octopus Sickle red hooks are used, available tied double 4/0 or single 5/0 on 50# fluorocarbon leader material. The Matzuo design allows for extra strength and holding power from an extremely sharp and tacky hook. You will love them, especially when you begin to experience fewer lost fish.